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  • Diamond Polished Liquid Acrylic

    Diamond Polished Liquid Acrylic

    14 April 2015, Posted by Leszek Wolnik

    Liking our museum acrylics? Well, love them even more from today as we're launching a special month long offer to celebrate the arrival of 5 tons of our magic crystal sheets yesterday!

    We're offering 15% off our diamond polished acrylic prints and 20% off if you go 30' x 40'...

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  • 185th RHA Annual Exhibition

    185th RHA Annual Exhibition

    31 March 2015 By Leszek Wolnik

    We're offering a brilliant 10% discount to any artists making their RHA Annual Exhibition works with us.


    Our works have had unparalleled success in being accepted in recent years, winning several major prizes and our artists have sold out entire editions of 10 works, last year and in 2013.

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  • Student Portfolio's - Like for like offer!

    Student Portfolio's - Like for like offer!

    31 March 2015 By Leszek Wolnik

    We're launching an amazing portfolio offer for students where we're offering a discount equal to the number of prints ordered, to a maximum discount of 50% ! So, if you're ordering 25 prints you'll get a 25% discount and if you get 40 prints then you'll get a massive 40%...

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  • Enda Cavanagh Retrospective 01

    Enda Cavanagh Retrospective 01

    11 April 2014 By Leszek Wolnik

    Enda Cavanagh's fabulous show 'Retrospective 01' had a fantastic opening this Wednesday in the lovely exhibition space at Tilestyle and the works are attracting significant attention from both critics and collectors. We were very proud to make the fine art print artworks and were thrilled by the compliments the acrylic...

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  • Fine Art Prints

    Fine Art Prints

    7 April 2014 By Leszek Wolnik We had a beautifully manic week last week making scores of works for the RHA submissions and wish everyone sucess in the selections, looking forward to the Annual Exhibition with great anticipation!

    The week was capped off for us with the installation on Friday afternoon of this beautiful five...
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  • Art Business Today article by Leszek

    Art Business Today article by Leszek

    4 April 2014 By Leszek Wolnik



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  • Fine Art Printing pricelist

    Fine Art Printing pricelist

    6 March 2014 By Leszek Wolnik

    We all had a burst of giggles when we saw this picture - 'Sarah, whatever you do, don't press the red button!


    We had to take it though, to launch our new pricelist which includes prices for our new machine which is giving us incredible quality fine art prints...

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