New works by Brian McIlvenny are now available

18 July 2017 Posted by Sarah Eva Manson

Brian McIlvenny, County Wicklow based photographer who specialises in lith printing. Studied photography at the Gloucestershire College of Art and Design. Graduated in 1980.

Worked as a commercial photographer in London until re-locating to Dublin in 1995, when I made my first lith print (Porte du Maroc). Have specialised in the technique ever since.

As an analogue photographer he shoots on medium format, fine grain, black and white film. The lith printing happens in his darkroom where the negative is over-exposed onto gelatin silver paper which is then developed in lithographic chemistry.

No two lith prints are ever the same. There will always be variations in colour, density and contrast.

PORTE DU MAROC: "In a small village near Taroudant, Morocco, I was setting up my tripod in order to photograph a detail of a door. An elderly man approached, and asked if I liked doors. I admitted that I probably did. He offered to show me a very good door, so I followed him into a nearby field.
Set within a crumbling wall there was indeed a fine example of Islamic art. He explained that as a child he had been told it was 500 years old, and that it no longer belonged to anyone. I don't think he was trying to sell it to me, he just seemed very proud. I am very grateful to him." McIlvenny




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