PhotoIreland 2016

4 July 2016 Posted by Sarah Eva Manson

We were over the moon when PhotoIreland asked us to print and mount the entire show for Youngdon Jung's exhibition: Blank Verse, Youngdon Jung | PhotoIreland Festival 2016 which opened on the 1st of July here inThe Copper House. We are thrilled to be hosting this awesome show!

Youngdon Jung has done some pretty incredible hanging with our team of expert art handlers, Jacek Kmiec and Bently. They really have knocked this one out of the park! You will be blown away! We didn't even know that a photographic exhibition could be pushed to this level of excellence, with really tricky-to-do curation.

Mark Paisley worked very closely with this fantastic artist all the way from South Korea for ages getting the perfect highest quality prints around.

Sarah Eva Manson trimmed each of the archival pigment prints meticulously by hand and worked very closely with Youngdon Jung to get the very stylish vinyl lettering just right. Youngdon Jung even applauded Sarah Eva Manson while he watched her highly skilled hands at work applying the vinyl to the title wall.

We ask you to join us in celebration for the work of last years PhotoIreland portfolio winner Youngdon Jung and his exhibition Blank Verse.



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