Enda Cavanagh - Fine Art Acrylic Prints

7 February 2013 Posted by Leszek Wolnik


We're delighted to have a happy success story to share !


Enda Cavanagh has secured an order for eighty-eight of his Landscape photographic works for the fabulous new Marker Hotel following his very successful show, Duality, at The Copper House Gallery this November.


It's a proud moment to have facilitated such a large project so we'll be documenting the process of crafting these artworks by Fire, our sister company, the largest of which will be 6.6 metres wide and we'll post the story and images as we move through the project.


We're using a fantastic new material for the acrylic Fine Art Prints which has the highest archival and conservation values achievable. We're also making a smaller set of rather lovely images mounted on Finnish Birch Ply , leaving the edge laminates of the birch exposed.


It's really encouraging to see such a significant investment in Irish Art by the enlightened folk at The Marker Hotel as Corporate Art makes the most wonderful connection between Business and the Arts community. This very valuable dynamic is encouraged and facilitated by the energetic guys at Business to Arts, very well worthwhile checking out their website.


We wish the Marker Hotel the very best for the opening together with success and prosperity for the future! 


Congratulations Enda!






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