The Copper House Gallery will launch Tracing the Woodland, an exhibition of works by Mairead O'Byrne from 6pm, Tuesday 17th of October 2017.

Opening times:
17.10.17 - 21.10.17
Tuesday 17th October 6pm - 8pm
Wednesday 18th October - Saturday 21st October 10am - 5pm

"I have a need to immerse myself in the natural landscape. Whether a woodland or a shore, the natural landscape nourishes me.

The layers of changing colours, the soft movement in the breeze and the magic of light and shadow playing in the environment captivates me. When harnessing the textural and decorative fabric of the landscape I feel light and enriched.

I taught myself a new technique after an accident in 2013 which left me with limited use of my dominant hand. My previous natural skill was gone, I had no control. I found myself returning to my own teaching approach to re-educate myself and develop a new method through mark making.

My ability to celebrate the landscape with my new visual narrative has been a journey of frustration, excitement, revelation and ultimately joy. Expressing my response to my environment and having the power to reproduce and create again has transformed me.

I chose to share this body of work with you as it represents my renewal and my nourishment through the cathartic process of Tracing the Woodland." - O'Byrne

For further information please contact Sarah Eva Manson;
Tel 01 478 4088