Come Closer

15 - 25 September 2017

The Copper House Gallery will launch Come Closer, an exhibition of works by Eddie McGee from 6pm, Friday 15th of September 2017.

Opening times
Running until 25th September 2017
Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

Nuclear Scientist turned painter, Eddie McGee comes to the Copper house Gallery with his 2017 ´Come Closer´ show. The preview will be on the evening of September 15th with DJ and cocktails from 6pm - 9pm, and there is a Sunday afternoon party on September 17th from 3pm - 6pm. All invited.

Although science and the arts are seen as being poles apart, this painter believes they are from the same source. Painting and chemistry are linked inextricably: mixing and drying, solvents, substrates, reactions, experimenting to find a process that produces something original and different. The textures and effects achieved in these paintings are the results of these processes.

Imagination and creativity in all its forms are driven by curiosity. Inspiration for many of the works in this show comes from observation of the natural world. Organic semi-abstract images that remind you of biological specimens seen through a high powered microscope, or the earth viewed from drone or satellite.

The painter is also inclined to dream of where science will take us in the future, and paint a world where gravity is conquered and travel effortless.

This show is titled ´Come Closer´ inviting the viewer to look at the fine details in some of the pieces - these works are on a smaller scale and more detailed than much of his earlier work. The title also expresses a wish for society.

Previously of the Physics Department of UCD, Eddie gave up his science career to devote his time to painting in 2004. His studio is in Salvador, Brazil, where he has been working since then. He maintains close contact with Dublin and regularly exhibits here.

For further information please contact Sarah Eva Manson;
Tel 01 478 4088