Leveling, an exhibition of prints and drawings by Dr. Lisa Butterly

17 November - 9 December 2016

'Leveling', an exhibition of prints and drawings by Dr. Lisa Butterly.

Launch 6pm, Thursday 17th November 2016
The Copper House Gallery
off Synge Street, Dublin 8

The Copper House Gallery will launch an exhibition of prints and drawings based on research into the possibilities of presenting 'humanity as a sinister beauty: fallible, flawed yet resolute', by artist Dr. Lisa Butterly, at 6pm, Thursday 17th November 2016.


Brian Harten, Arts Officer with Louth County Council and Brent Pope, founder of Beyond; Irish Outsider Art, will open the exhibition.

The displayed pieces fall into two distinct collections: Theodor W. Adorno and Danse Macabre Revisited. These collections are linked by the concept of 'Leveling', a theory proposed by Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard in the nineteenth century. Leveling, according to Soren Kierkegaard, is the process of rendering individuality void and non-existent – ‘Leveling at its maximum is like the stillness of death, where one can hear one's own heartbeat, a stillness like death, into which nothing can penetrate, in which everything sinks, powerless’ (Kierkegaard, The Present Age).

Lisa Butterly is a self-taught artist from Blackrock, County Louth. In 2015, she appeared in the first documentary exploring Irish Outsider Art, which was produced by Firebrand Productions and aired on RTÉ television. The documentary was complemented by a group exhibition in The Copper House Gallery curated by Brent Pope and Catherine Marshall. The exhibition was entitled Beyond: Irish Outsider Art (Brent Pope Outsider Art). Lisa was interviewed on the The Late Late Show about the documentary, the group exhibition and one of her paintings, Echo III. In early 2016, she was asked to take on the role of artist in residence for Mental Health Ireland. This role included judging the MHI national art and photography competition, which culminated in an awards ceremony and public exhibition held in the Dublin City Offices, Wood Quay. Lisa was awarded a grant from the Dublin City Arts Office, Louth County Council in support of her artistic endeavours and has focused on producing new artwork for her first solo exhibition, a milestone in her artistic development. Academically, Lisa holds a BA (Maynooth University), MA (University College Dublin) and PhD (Maynooth University). Her field of expertise is the history of psychiatry and institutional reform in mental healthcare since the 1700s. .

'Leveling', an exhibition by Dr. Lisa Butterly, runs at The Copper House Gallery from 17th November until the 9th December 2013. Admission is free and all are welcome.


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