Alchemist Dreaming

3 - 11 November 2016

The Copper House Gallery will launch Alchemist Dreaming, an exhibition of works, by Amanda Cullen from 6-8pm, Thursday 3rd November.  Alchemist Dreaming will run until November 10th 2016.


Thrusday 3rd November   6-8pm

Monday - Friday               10am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday             closed



Amanda's  images are reflections of a lifetime of lived experience. Her instinct tells her that they offer teachings not only to her Self but to the collective. She honors the spaces where they have come from. Two major events in her life opened a gateway for them to arrive. She began movement practice as medicine with the School of Movement Medicine. She immediately felt a primal impulse to create, to bring the wisdom of the dance to paper using charcoal and pen. Shortly after this she met  her soulmate. The impulse to create grew stronger and the collection of images she will be exhibiting came into being.
Amanda's art is a visual manifestation of the grace of Spirit. It is deeply personal in many ways. The images and movements on the page mirror her Self. Nothing is hidden. It speaks of a place beyond her. It is her story. It is a spiritual practice, the paper is an altar, the ink markings gifts from a realm she have no name for.
'Sometimes in life we are given the gift to step outside our comfort zones, outside the rational, the known. If we take that one step we meet life at its fullest, we meet with great Mystery and in turn are brought home to Source, to Spirit, to our body, to our heart. Our deepest wounds, our lived experiences can find freedom, love and full connection with Self and others. What I've created is offered out with love. It is my prayer to humanity.'