'ReViewed' by Seán Hillen

8 February - 6 March 2012

Seán Hillen's distinctive collage artworks have circulated in the Irish consciousness for decades. ReViewed, a new exhibition of monumental scale prints provides an entirely new and intimate insight into his artistic vision.

This exhibition showcases Seán Hillen's distinctive and provocative perspective, from the controversial Troubles photomontages, now on permanent display at the Imperial War Museum, to the acclaimed IRELANTIS collage series. The inclusion of the Swiftian  Searching for Evidence and WHAT'S WRONG?.. images underscores the subversive nature of Hillen's practice and permits deeper insight into the evolution of his aesthetic.

Fintan O'Toole described his work as having "both an intellectual and a popular appeal", writing "Hillen's surreal juxtapositions inhabit a weirdly prescient and ruefully realistic representation of contemporary Ireland".

Radical new scanning technology and skills deployed at The Copper House have enabled Hillen to reveal details of his finely crafted microscopic world which have previously been inaccessible to the naked eye.