An Imperfect Normality

10 - 25 September 2015

An Imperfect Normality is a retrospective on a Syria that was. Like dozens, and more, periods throughout Syria’s long history, this time is now past and consigned to the history books. Currently ravaged by war and chaos, it is hard to imagine a place that, to those who lived within its territory or who crossed its borders, was a relatively normal place to be.

This work seeks to document a normality whilst hinting at its imperfections and considering the usefulness of war as a method of change. A change that may well in the end replace An Imperfect Normality with another, albeit different, Imperfect Normality.


Tommie Lehane's practise is primarily centered on the exploration of place. Unusually, he has a dual focus on the Middle East and a small village Castlegregory, in the Dingle Penninsula. Tommie has been widely exhibited in Ireland and Europe and also at the start of 2015 in war torn Aleppo in Syria.


In 2014 Tommie Lehane was the recipient of the Alliance Française Photography Laureate.