Texas - A photographic exhibition by Kathrin Baumbach

5 July - 1 August 2014

The Copper House Gallery will launch Texas, a photographic exhibition by Kathrin Baumbach, from 7-10pm, Saturday 5th July 2014 as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2014. Having ventured out to explore Texas in all of its glory and  complexity,  Kathrin Baumbach documented everyday life on a ranch. This  project tells the story of Texan life and the ubiquitous presence of its gun culture, providing the audience with an in-depth view into the life of a local family.


Berlin-born photographer Kathrin Baumbach loves the challenge of working under difficult circumstances, being removed from the familiar, and plunged into the unknown. She is mainly driven by a determination to capture something extraordinary, beautiful and challenging. In addition to her work for Hot Press Magazine, she has also been commissioned by The Irish Times, the Irish Independent, British GQ and musician/director Kevin Godley. Her current project deals with modern-day Freemasons in the US and Europe.


PhotoIreland is dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking around photography and a deeper engagement with the visual arts. Now in it's fifth year, PhotoIreland celebrates a festival every July, promoting by way of a proposed theme, works from national and international artists. The theme to this year's festival being: Truths, Facts, Fictions, Lies. 


Texas, a photographic exhibition by Kathrin Baumbach runs at The Copper House Gallery from 5th July until the 31st July 2014. Admission is free and all are welcome.