21 November - 3 December 2013

Now's the Time is an exhibition of prints based on mixed media work by artist Brian Gormley.


Using acrylic and silkscreen techniques on linen and canvas, this show pays hommage to abstract expressionism, inspired by the discordant beauty of Charlie Parker's jazz composition, Now's the Time. The layering of Brian Gormley's work captures explosions of random sound and energy, with pure gouache in place of notes, a process reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg and Jackson Pollock. 


Born in New York City, Brian Gormley divides his time between Dublin and the US. An internationally renowned artist, his work has been exhibited at the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin  (2012), Trinity College, Dublin (2012), Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin (1989) and Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin (2007). He has also exhibited regularly in New York City and as far afield as Montreal, Vienna, Prague, Zurich and Mexico City.