Tales of Seduction

4 - 20 October 2012

The Copper House Gallery will launch Tales of Seduction, an exhibition by multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator Una Gildea  6-8pm on Thursday 4th October 2012.


The collage images in this exhibition are selected pieces from Una Gildea's series entitled Tales of Seduction, exploring the dynamics of attraction, communication and seduction. The dominant motif is interplay between two figures – tension, anticipation, expectation, longing, desire all hang in the air as the figures are suspended in their private dramas. Often humorous, sometimes dark, the work's primary focus is the subconscious. 


Collage as an art form allows Una Gildea to juxtapose recognisable found images and transformed cutouts in pictorial narratives that invite the viewer to apply their own stories. Narratives at once oddly recognisable, yet uncomfortably odd; narratives often downright obscene, whilst pushing the chuckle-button; narratives that provoke an intuitive, not literal, sense of what’s going on. Her work is provocative, ironic and full of humorous observations on the absurdity of life.


Tales of Seduction will also feature selected animations by the artist including a piece completed especially for the show.


We're especially fond of this quote regarding Una's deliciously satirical Resurrerection, an acute take on the continuing predilictions of our Catholic Church. 


“Christ was betrayed and crucified as were a generation of Ireland’s children. The only difference is that the latter really did happen.”