Making Buildings Great Places to Work and to be in



Companies, large and small, can enhance their effectiveness and brand image by acquiring and developing an art collection – often considered as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme. A fundamental reason that encourages corporate art collecting is that there have been several studies demonstrating that employee and corporate efficiency, productivity, and creativity increase when art is placed in the work place. Artwork attracts positive energy for the space in which it is displayed, for the people within the space, and the company as a whole, broadening employee appreciation of diversity and encouraging discussion, and expression of opinion.


Art in the workplace also has a positive impact on visitors and customers as well chosen artwork displayed in a reception area, meeting room or office space portrays a feeling of comfort and puts visitors and customers at ease. It also reflects the success of the company and suggests a forward thinking and dynamic company ethos.


Art humanises the work environment and gives the business a context in the lives and activities of their employees. The values of creating a stimulating and pleasant working environment for their employees demonstrate the company’s integrity to clients and visitors. The art displayed supports and confirms the company’s image and corporate identity, being symptomatic of the company's ethos and the trend towards making work a better place. …. And improving the quality of life for everyone.