Dominique Beyens is a visual artist who uses a range of diverse cameras, old and new, both digital and analogue in order to capture subject matter that informs his interest and imagination . This imagery is then transformed in print using processes that demonstrate his broad practice as an artist.

Beyens' photographic imagery arises from intuition. He has the ability to identify the uncommon in the common, the uncanny in the everyday experience, whilst searching for some deeper meaning or significance that might not appear at first glance. His journey into large format photography is inspired by many, in particular Hungarian photographers such as Kertesz and Brassaï who made their practice in a foreign land, capturing their surroundings with a fresh eye to technical perfection. It is as if the painter has transformed into a photographer, or is it the other way around.

The use of large format photography combined with alternative printing processes on age old proven natural art materials gives his work a dimension that is very hard to be experienced through the digital medium.

The body of work on display is a range of Alternative Process Fine Art Carbon Prints on Watercolour Paper. The watercolour paper used is manufactured from pure cotton fibre and has been used for drawing and printmaking for over 500 years. It is claimed that the paper is so durable that it will remain beautiful and vibrant for centuries without conservation hence the inclusion of the 'infinity' sign in the watermark of the paper. The paper is made without acid or optical brighteners and are mould-made and gelatin sized. The inks used to create the images are 100% carbon pigment (no colour inks) and are exceptionally resistant to fading and other deterioration caused by natural elements. This results in prints with the best light fastness and longevity.

He is also part of " Chasing Shadows", an Art collective of photography graduates who combines the chemistry from the 19th century with 21st century technology.

Dominique recently won the prestigious RDS " Freyer " Art Award, overseen by judges from the RDS, National Gallery of Ireland, Royal Hibernian Academy and an Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) nominated judge which was shown during the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show 2012.

Dominique Beyens is an artist originally from Belgium who has travelled extensively and has been living and working in Ireland for more than twenty years. He likes to see himself as a social entrepreneur and has plenty of ideas. On the odd occasion he also tunes pianos.