Conor Horgan is an Irish film director and photographer. He has directed eight films including shorts, arts documentaries and the multi-award winning feature One Hundred Mornings. His photography has been commissioned  by Harpers & Queen, GQ, British Vogue and Condé Nast Traveller among many others.


NEW YORK CITY - a photobook by Conor Horgan available here


From the foreword by Quentin Fottrell:-


'This is a place where you are never alone and you are always alone. Some come here seeking inspiration. Others simply want to disappear. Conor Horgan appears to have managed both. He immersed himself in New York, taking his camera with him everywhere he went, and re-emerged with the city’s still-beating heart in his hands. 


He was not short of street theater. One of my favorite images in this book: a protester films a swarm of policemen during some of the headiest days of the Occupy Wall Street movement – with an iPad, the luxury gadget of the moment. In another, a skeleton  in a store window is caught by a sliver of light. It looks desperate to get out.


New York is also a city of extremes: the home of freaks and geeks, supermodels and actors, stockbrokers and dancers, hipsters and health fanatics. Is that hazy black-and-white figure Jean Butler in flight at her dance studio? Yes, it is. With so much to offer, it’s a place where you never have to grow old. And, yet, it’s crawling with rats, cockroaches and bed bugs. To live here, it helps to be a little bit crazy. Conor captures this eccentricity with no small amount of affection. The MTA conductor peering out of a subway train looks like an animated Pixar character. He does not seem quite real in his befuddlement. But look closer. He has a sardonic expression suggesting that he knows something – a lot – that we don’t.'


 – New York, November 2012.


The Copper House Gallery is delighted to offer the images from the book as editioned prints, available from our Gallery archive and online.