Mags Harnett worked briefly in advertising in Dublin before going to live in Paris and later Cologne at the age of 21. She read French and German, at Trinity College Dublin graduating with an honors degree in 1998 and went on to study Fine Art for five years at l’Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Tours, in France, where she graduated with an honors degree in 2005.

She joined the Bled group of artists in Saint Pierre des Corps in 2009. She worked as an independent translator and teacher (University Francois Rabelais in Tours) before returning to her native Dublin in 2011 where she lives with her two children and works in her studio-attic.

A Thousand words 

A Thousand words, is a series in pen and ink (and sometimes rain) on paper. Each piece is a vibrant palimpsest of time and colour. The notions of time and colour are central to my work. I write my thoughts as they flow on to the page in a stream of consciousness style. Sometimes I listen to the conversations around me or to the radio and I write what I hear. The process becomes automatic. The choice of colour, which I link inherently to sound, is instinctive. It can be inspired by my environment or emotions. In this work each piece represents a length a time in my life and a reflection of moods or observations. Layers of text in different shades of colour are superimposed on one another to create a palimpsest on each page. These words, woven together, each create a concentration of text and colour