Maker of striking, haunting images that question our armchair relationships with both wilderness and wildlife, photographer, writer and environmental campaigner Dave Walsh comes from Wexford, in Ireland's south east corner.


Blessed with a strong childhood connection to nature and the marine environment, and driven by a passionate interest in human relationships with the Earth, Dave has sailed on numerous Greenpeace expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, and has seen the aurora borealis and australis. He's crossed the equator twice by ocean, been up close with polar bears, humpback whales and Tasmanian devils, camped under the Arctic winter moon and sweated on the northern hemisphere's largest glacier under the 3am Arctic sun. 


Back in 'civilisation', Dave's attention is caught the dirty magic of daily street life,  and with how we use and abuse our energy and natural resources. He currently works with the Antarctic and Southerm Ocean Coalition on a campaign to create the world’s marine protected areas, in the seas around Antarctica.