Karol Liver (b. 1981) is a Dublin-based studio photographer. 


Having worked as theatrical photographer for The Grotowski Institute, the most famous polish theatrical institute, he had an unique opportunity to be a part of numerous international festivals (including the acclaimed Premio Europa Per il Teatro), spectacles and grand premiers from World’s top directors (Krystian Lupa, Rodrigo Garcia, Pippo Delbono, Pina Bausch and many others).


Liver’s theatrical photographs have been widely published in various magazines and journals including the New York based “The Drama Review” and other theatre-themed journals in France, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. His personal work has also been awarded prizes and commendations in commercial press contests (Playboy’s Fotoerotica 2011). 


In 2011 he has established Prism Contemporary Photography Magazine.


His personal studio work explores the nature of human body, its sexuality and identity throughout conceptual portraiture and fine art nude. His main field of interest is body language and how it is used as a tool of expression and emotional release. 


He is currently working on a new body of work.