Excess, secrets, ghosts and endings.

Alongside his work Nothing Lasts Forever, Dorje de Burgh quotes a Bob Dylan lyric: 'From the fools gold mouthpiece/ The hollow horn plays wasted words'. The sense that treasure is worthless, that words are empty, and that time slips endlessly away, imbues de Burgh's photographs with a longing that remains unfulfilled. 

In trying to contain a moment that might linger on, these photographs - which often focus on the unnoticed - always seem to run away, creating a sense of movement despite their softly focused, steady gaze. Inspired by J. G. Ballard and his assertion that everyday reality is a 'kaleidoscope of competing fictions', de Burgh's imagery upsets any stable sense of the world. His enquiry into a very personal everyday leaves an unsettling trace, seeming to suggest that we live in the stories we create for ourselves. - Imelda Barnard, Source Magazine.