Una Gildea is an artist and illustrator, working in collage, painting, drawing and animation. Una studied painting, drawing and print making at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam and The School of Visual Arts, New York, and animation at the University of the West of England, Bristol.


Una Gildea's collage work juxtaposes recognizable found images and transformed cut-outs into pictorial narratives that invite the viewer to apply their own stories. Narratives at once oddly recognizable, yet uncomfortably odd; narratives often downright obscene, whilst pushing the chuckle-button; narratives that always aim to open the chute direct to the subconscious, that provoke an intuitive, not literal, sense, of what's going on.


The work shown here comes from a series entitled 'Tales of Seduction'. 'Tales of Seduction' explores the dynamics of attraction, communication and seduction. The dominant motif is interplay between two figures - tension, anticipation, expectation, longing, desire all hang in the air as the figures are suspended in their private dramas. Often humorous, sometimes dark, the work's primary focus is subconscious.