From an early age, Phil McDarby has drawn, painted, read and written about fantastical places. His older siblings would regularly share amazing books like Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, and encourage him to write his own stories. He would pore over the sci-fi and fantasy covers of Geoff Taylor, Tim White and Frank Frazetta, marvel at the wonder of terrible 80's sword and sorcery movies like Krull and Willow, and live and breathe Star Wars, computer games and comics like 2000AD.


Over a 14-year career he has worked across many visual media, from Web Design and Branding, Computer Game Design, 3D Modelling and Animation to Concept Art, Matte Painting, Illustration and Photography.

He has composed soundtracks for computer games, and written music for ads, short films and documentaries. Over the years, he has been lucky enough to win a few awards, including four CG Choice Awards from the Computer Graphics Society of America. His work has appeared in many magazines and ad campaigns, and he has been selected twice to appear in Exposé, Ballistic Media's annual collection of digital art handpicked from around the world.


Phil has exhibited his work in Amsterdam (2008) and Edinburgh (2009), and this is his first solo exhibition. He now works in Brown Bag Films as a Matte Painter. You can see his work at, and his forest photography at